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What types of problems do dental veneers fix?

  Dental veneers are ultra-thin, tooth-coloured shells that are gently fitted to the front of the teeth to create an attractive and durable smile. They can be custom-made to suit one or more teeth, depending on their intended usage. The shells, which are usually made of porcelain, have a long lifespan and can be used to solve many aesthetic problems. The  Best Dentist in Kolkata  fixes various types of dental issues using veneers. The problems include: Discoloured teeth:  Some teeth are resistant to teeth whitening. If you've tried to whiten your teeth but are unhappy with the results, a porcelain veneer is a good option for you. The porcelain veneers are a kind of permanent teeth whitening. The glaze of porcelain creates the smoothest, shiniest, and most stain-resistant surface. Gaps between teeth:  Small gaps between teeth can be corrected with veneers. Covering gaps with veneers needs a modest broadening of the teeth. If you're going to close the spaces, you'll need to k
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What should you know about cavities?

  What is a cavity? Cavities are decayed areas in our teeth that cause pain and discomfort. It is called a cavity because it is a microscopic hole that forms tooth decay. Children are more prone to develop cavities than adults because of eating sugary foods and not brushing their teeth correctly. Despite this, adults can also acquire cavities. When cavities are left untreated, they can lead to infections, severe toothaches while eating, and tooth loss. So, if you find yourself with a cavity, go to the  Best Dentist in New Town Kolkata  as soon as possible. What are the causes of cavities? Formation of plaque:  Plaque attaches to your teeth if it is not removed regularly, and it builds up over time. Plaque creates acid in the presence of sugar which eats away at your teeth's enamel over time, eventually causing cavities. Eating and drinking:  Clingy foods can raise your risk of getting a cavity. So, brush your teeth regularly after eating cookies, dried fruit, candy, dry cereal, sug

What is the connection between Diabetes and oral health?

  High blood sugar is the relationship between diabetes and dental health concerns. The risk of developing oral health problems increases when blood sugar is inadequately controlled. Uncontrolled diabetes reduces white blood cells, which are the main defence of the body against bacterial infections. Regulating blood sugar levels lowers the chance of severe organ consequences of diabetes like damage to the heart, eyes, and nerves. The high blood sugar can cause- Cavities:  Plaque builds on your teeth when carbohydrates and sugars in foods and drinks interact with the bacteria of your mouth. Plaque contains acids that assault the enamel and dentin of your teeth. Therefore, you may develop gum disease and cavities. If you have high blood sugar, you will be more prone to cavities. The dentist at the  Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata  can help you to control your blood sugar level. Periodontitis and Gingivitis:  Diabetes also causes blood vessels to thicken. It slows down the movement of nutri

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